Friday, August 14, 2009

Village Pub

Wahoo! This week has already been a fun one at The Village Pub. I started my work week out on Wednesday night at the inside bar. I partied with DUDE JONES until 2 a.m. The place was busy and the dance floor was packed. We had a great time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL !! You boys were great and I hope you enjoyed your time with us in Palm Springs. Hope to see you on the next trip. =) 

Crystal has been at the hostess stand bringing in business since 3:30 this afternoon, when we opened. If you didn't already meet Crystal she is my sister who recently relocated to Palm Springs from Lake Havasu. It has been fun watching people mistake us for each other. haha 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our General Manager Kevin!! I hope you enjoyed yourself last night. 

Was a fun Thursday night and I hope to see everyone tonight at the courtyard bar. I will be working with Monica and Ethan so if you don't want to wait for a drink...see you there. 

Live Music with DUDE JONES and DJ Chris will be spinning at The LoFt Upstairs. 

Happy Friday Everyone! xoxo Betty

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